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The site's up-to-date again (except for scanned ticket stubs, which I haven't done at all for 2002 and almost all of 2001), with movie reviews right up to the latest movie I've seen.

I have finally added reviews for all the movies I saw in 2001, other than some which I have lost my ticket stubs from (hey, I'll find them some year) and thus have no record of. Neither 2001 nor 2002 actually have ticket stub scans up yet. That's a big job and not one I have time to tackle at the moment. I am, however, at last, for the first time in almost two years, up-to-date on reviews with the exception of those lost ones.

I have added reviews for all the movies I have seen so far in 2002 and have added a note to the 2001 page to indicate that it is incomplete and that there are more reviews to come.

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exagerrated. Ahem. Well, that is to say, yes I'm alive and well. I just haven't had time to update my web sites in ... a very very long time. Eventually, I will try to update this site with "new" movies which I've seen in the past 1.5 years or thereabouts. For now, the first update in a very long time: Updated the 1999 and 2000 pages to use Amazon links. Additionally, updated some "Buy!" links which were wrong or out of date.

Updated the 1998 page to use Amazon links. Also added another web ring to the info page: Movie Reviews For Movie Fans. There are now three new movies waiting to be reviewed, and I'm intending to see one or two more this weekend (didn't see any films last weekend!).

Changed the affiliate links on the 1997 page to Amazon links. Still two new movies waiting to be reviewed, and about to see another tonight.

Changed the affiliate links on the 1996 page to Amazon links. Two new movies seen but still waiting to be reviewed.

The new Films '96+ Gift Shop has opened its doors! Surf on over for all your Films '96+ gadgets and apparel.

The first two reviews of 2001 are now on-line: Accelerator and Unbreakable. The new affiliate links to are being used. The drawback to is no central page for each film. had (has) a page for each movie, which lists each format available, and so on. I've decided, for the time being at least, on linking to a DVD search for the title where a DVD is not yet available.

So, the year 2000 has ended, and I saw and reviewed a total of 87 movies! Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I did indeed get to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with Lori while I was over in California like I'd hoped! I've completed all reviews for the year, and have created a new (as yet empty) page for 2001. I have joined the affiliates program and will be using affiliate links rather than links from now on. When I find time, some day/month/year, I will migrate the old pages over to links also, but for now I am just using them for new reviews; 2001 onwards. I have also removed the snow from the site, it not being Christmas any more.

Amazing. I saw a film today, The Family Man, and reviewed it the very same evening! I'm off on Thursday morning (early!) to California for a few days. Maybe I'll see a film while I'm over there. I don't have a lot of time, so I definitely won't get to see more than one, but I'd really like to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon if I get the chance. I'll have to see if my girlfriend would like to see it. I have a feeling she would, but I don't know if there'll be time.

Yow. Just spent ages scanning ticket stubs, writing up the last 9 films I saw, and uploading the updates. This brings the total for 2000 to 85 films! Unfortunately, my film-going has not managed to keep up pace enough to reach a century this year, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless. I may even manage one or two more films before the end of the year. Ok, so maybe one. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all! (Feel free to substitute Chanakuh, Kwanzaa, Yule, Ramadan, or whatever you like in the last sentence).

In a dreadful bit of holiday spirit, today I added awful kitschy Javascript falling snow to the site. :) Yeah, it's evil Javascript... Yeah, it's kitsch... but it's fun, and seasonal. ;-)

I'm back from California (where I had a wonderful and all too short time with my wonderful girlfriend, Lori, and was very sorry indeed to have to leave), having seen five films, and have since seen four films here in Ireland. I've been very busy with work since I returned, so haven't had the chance to update my site until now. This, however, does mean you get 9 new movie reviews in one go. Cool, huh? The new total for 2000 is 76 (unique) movies. That's a new record for a year already, and the year ain't over yet. Not by quite a long shot. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings (provided that a fat lady sings on new year's eve).

Back up to date again, after a two week lapse, the total for 2000 is now 67 (unique) movies. I'm off to California again tomorrow for a few weeks for a visit, so perhaps I'll see one or two movies during their US release. No guarantees though, and I probably won't get reviews up until I return to Ireland in early/mid November.

I've finally got my reviews up to date (for now!). The total for 2000 is now 61 (unique) movies.

I'm back in Ireland... but not for long. I will be back in California for a couple of weeks soon to visit my girlfriend, Lori, who I miss very much indeed, having been away from her for 12 days now. Also, I've got a job in California, and a visa application is in the works, so I expect to be moving over there soon.

I've not seen very many movies at all over the past few months, which is due to my having higher priorities (id est, my girlfriend, finding a job, my girlfriend, other forms of socialising, my girlfriend, etc.). While I'm here in Ireland, I expect that my film viewing rate will go back up. Also, the speed of reviews going up here will be massively increased (the update I just did today, bringing us up to 57 films for 2000 and being almost up-to-date was months late in coming).

Since my last news entry, did the unthinkable and closed shop! They were the best on-line DVD store. They combined some of the lowest prices, the best service, and international delivery. They've made a deal with so that the service has continued more or less seamlessly, however there's one major problem with that -- don't deliver internationally; only to a few selected countries where they have separate stores -- and some minor ones -- e.g. the loss of's exceedingly good service.

I may have to change all the "Buy!" links in the site to or something, they being one of the very few stores that still deliver internationally, and being likely to still exist and be in business in the future. That requires a huge amount of work, however, and I really don't have the time or the inclination to do it now. I have too many more important things on my calendar right now!

It looks like this is really going to be a bumper movie year. I've so far seen 44 (unique) movies this year. That's already more than in the whole of 1996 (25), the equal of 1998 (44), fast approaching on 1997 (51), and not far off 1999 (57). At this rate, 2000 will shatter all previous records.

The utterly cool John Cusack is definitely in the running for 'All Time Top 5 Coolest Movie Lines'. He delivered the wonderful line:

"She reviews movies for a living, which is unassailably cool."

... as record store owner and music fanatic Rob Gordon in High Fidelity.

I will be in California from now until early September, so films reviewed will more closely follow the US release schedule than the Irish one for the time being.

You can now buy movies from direct from the movie review pages by clicking the "Buy!" link for any (available) reviewed title. They also have soundtrack CDs available for most movies.

This new section (News/Updates) will contain information which may be of interest to you as you view the site. It will not be updated regularly -- only when I have something interesting to mention.

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